Who we are

Who we are

Francesca lives in these hills since 1992.

She knows stories, moods and recipes. She created this mansion, which she likes to define “open mansion”, among the Langhe’s hills, generous of wines and hazelnuts.

Tenuta Pian D’Attesio received 5 SUNFLOWERS in 2018.

The structure stands on a hill of vineyards, hazel groves and fruit trees, inhabited by beautiful deer, squirrels and its champion horses.

“When I look out over the valley, I feel this nature as a privilege” says Francesca.

And it’s really a privileged welcome, reserved inside the walls of the mansion, exclusive both for the location – discreet and in harmony with the nature – and for the refined interiors.

With the ancient allurement, contaminated by the wisdom and charm of a modern woman: Francesca welcomes and delights her guests with organic food, excellent wines and unpublished stories.

A perfect plot for a weekend, a dinner or a business meeting.

The kitchen

A timeless cuisine, the authentic one from her secret recipe book, where she has written down all the original recipes handed down by the women of the family since the late nineteenth century.

Francesca in the kitchen delights all the senses like a Beethoven sonata.

Her kitchen has the mood of those ones from her curious childhood: kitchen of the last century where the cooks of the house – the grandmother, the mother, the unmarried aunts – began to prepare the Sunday’s lunch already the day before . Among the smells of aromatic herbs gathered in the garden early in the morning and stored in large clay pots, Francesca has developed her passion for food.

A menu that changes and welcomes the products from the earth, told in an authentic way as the story they represent.

The kitchen of Tenuta Pian D’Attesio is a journey through time, a time where food was culture and delight for body and mind.

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